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Friday, April 17, 2009

one more thing

I have taken a drive to the state capitol (Trenton) more times then I care to count.

First time I went, I held on the my GPS for dear life. Today, I thought " Gee, I can probably drive to this place with my eyes closed." Its that one-more-document-needs-to-be-state-certified for the adoption thing.

Josiah's sister came over the other day, and the UPS man had dropped off the document that needed state certification. I don't even get angry anymore. I just sighed, and put it in the "I have to go to Trenton again" mindset. She looked at the expression on my face, and said " You know, you really want to have to adopt to put up with all this stuff. Most people would just have said FORGET IT at this point. It kind of weeds out the ones who think it would be fun, to those who will sacrifice for the privilege."

That is very true.

But I have to confess, there have been more then a few times I said FORGET IT!! in my mind. And even in my heart.

And maybe even to my husband.

I just took it to the cross. Again. And my GOD came though. Again. Through the hope, excitement, obedience and perseverance to do that next thing .

And so, I am busy trying to make it a perfect day for my one daughter as she is getting ready to leave, while trying to bring my other one home.

Both totally worth it.

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Becky said...

Are you able to give details of the adoption ... like ... foreign or domestic? And what kind of time frame you are looking at? I am just curious. It always takes so long I think.