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Thursday, January 31, 2008


Our home study needs a copy of our marriage license.  I CAN'T FIND IT!!!!  I know we are married.  Isn't that enough??

I need to go to my home town, which thankfully is the next town over, and get another copy.  Where on earth is my original copy?!?!?

I ask my mom today if she was willing to go with us to China.  She about jumped out of her skin, and shouted YES!!!!

I think it will be good for her.  She loves to travel, and she has been kind of wondering about this whole adoption thing.  I think this will really make her feel connected to her future grand daughter.  Which by the way is being named after her.   :)  


Becky said...

Oh, my. Hopefully they can find the records :)

HsKubes said...

How wonderful your mom agreed to go, too. I hope you were able to get another copy.
I pray your upcoming trip goes well. I'm sure you are excited!

~ Christina