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Monday, January 28, 2008

Funny how.....

I was downloading some of our pictures from the past to the new computer.  Funny how one finds the time to go through all the pictures. lol.  Like a moment down memory lane of sorts.

And it was so enjoyable, I thought I would share one or two.

Mystic, CT.  It was stunning. A nice relaxing vacation, not too far from home.  The scenery was worth it all.

Billy Graham's last time at NYC 3 years ago.  This is right in the park.  World's Fair.  John & Samuel are smack in the middle.

And this is what my boys were doing during a Steelers /Patriots game.   I just don't know where I went wrong.  ::::sigh::::::

Well, I have much work to do, seeing as how I took waayyyyy too long down Memory Lane.



Memory lane is good. It reminds of all the things we have experienced and the joys we have had and yes even the losses. It is good to look back and see how God has brought us so far. God bless you. connie from Texas

Becky said...

During my "raising boys" years when I was always so tired that I would fall asleep if I sat down, my husband used to ask me (on Sunday afternoon), "What would you like to sleep to today, honey? Football, basketball, or hockey?"

They are men after my own heart those two. Cute as can be too. What a great picture.