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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Boo-boos &Playoffs

I love to ski.  I don't ski anymore as my knees are shot, but Samuel loves to ski.  He & John go every Friday in the winter, and maybe some Saturdays.  That little kid flies down black diamonds with his daddy behind him.  I am totally jealous.

When he started, I tried to get Chloe on the mountain also.  She said no.  How about snowboarding? Ummmm, no.  

For those of you who ski, and I imagine those of you who snowboard, for I have never been snowboarding, you understand the thrill of the ride.  The excitement of the wind and speed.   The cold air filling your lungs and the quietness of winter.  You are in a world that is all your own, conquering the mountain and its a fabulous feeling.

Josiah is a snowboarder.  He accomplished ( to my delight) what I was not able to.  He took Chloe snowboarding.  She pretty much went kicking & whining.  But, so what.  She went. 

And you know what??


Go figure.  duh

Here is her battle wound.  It looks worse then the picture.  Its pretty gross if you ask me.  Its actually a hole.  3D-ish.   The scar will be pretty nasty, but nothing a decent pair of dance tights won't hide. 

Still when asked, she said she would do it again!!!

Playoff season have begun.  So, Steelers have made it to the playoffs.

Have I ever told you how I bought the NFL movie of when the Steelers won the SuperBowl 2 years ago.  I did.  And I watch it.  Often.  Sometimes, when its the middle of the summer, and I am going through football withdrawls, I pop that baby in there and then life is not so depressing anymore.

Yes, I need a life.

My husband is not as big a football fan as I am ( But remember, he is a Bills fan, so its understandable)  ( ouch!)  ( sorry honey)

So tonight, at 8pm , you know where I will be. Do not talk to me.  Do not ask me any questions.  Its do or die time.

Welcome to Steeler Country.

Have a beautiful  Lord's Day tomorrow.  May you seek HIS face with all your heart.

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