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Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Today is our Mock Trial competition.

I coach the homeschool high school Mock trial team.  Today is out first competition.  We have been working 4x a week since late September for this day.This is the 3rd year I am coaching, and the first year I don;t have my own kid in it.  It has been a delight to work with all the kids.  They are as different as could be, but get along wonderfully.  

The last 2 times we competed, we went to county champs, beating all the public & private high school in the county.  Which is about 17 or 18 schools.  The kids really want to live up to the "fame".  All I want them to do it their personal best.  And I expect their personal best.  If we win, but they didn't do their personal best, they will hear about it.  And they better shape up for the next competition.  If we lose, but they did their personal best, then I am okay with that.

I am nervous for them.  My love  & my kids are coming.  YIKES!!!

We will spend some time in prayer, for we all need it. 


Becky said...

Here is a hilarious site for you.


Click on the homeschool family.

Like your new header.

And ... sorry about your Steelers. Maybe next year!


I will be praying for your class. May God bless.

I came by to thank you for all the prayers you have prayed on behalf of me and my family in the loss of our love one. We thank you so much.

I, too, like your new look. Will be back soon to visit more. connie from Texas