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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Until next year deah child

Annalicia & Chloe have been best friends since they were 4.  They are as different as could be, and yet, they have survived many/most moments in life together.  Even though Annalicia is this incredibly smart child, for some reason, anytime Chloe came up with a hair-brained idea, she took off running to execute it.   With Chloe at her heels.

Yeah, they are a team those 2.

Annalicia goes to college in FL.  They miss each other, but are but a phone call/text message away.  But Annalicia left for Austria on Wednesday.  She will be there for a semester, and then she will go back to FL for a job she has for the summer & summer school.  So they wouldn't see each other until NEXT CHRISTMAS!!!!!
Chloe misses her tween.  Even before she left.  

When I made a life collage for Chloe's quincenera, I realized just how close these 2 were.  They are like Joe & Samuel.  She was in most of the pictures.  She is in most of the memories.  Funny thing:  Joe is Annalicia's brother.  :)

And now we are back to school.

He has an Eagles' pencil.  Somehow this will make him smarter.        Yeah........

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It will seem like a very long time but when they are able to be together again oh, what fun it will be. Have a very happy new year, you and your family. connie from Texas