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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Oh Christmas Tree....

I was talking to Claudia tonight, and she mentioned she was watching the lighting of The Tree!!!!

I love the tree at Rockerfeller Center!!!

It truly is so beautiful, such a sight to behold!!

So, Samuel and I quickly ran downstair ( our tv is in the basement) and watched the show. When they light up the tree, it made me so excited to go see it with my own four eyes!!

We take an annual family day in the city during Christmas season. You know, go to Macy's, see the decorated windows all over 5th Avenue, FAO Schwartz, the tree, St Patricks, skate, one of the museums. Whatever delights us for the day.

We will be going on Decmeber 7, Lord willing!!

Samuel & I can't wait!! I think the others enjoy it also, but the older kids are busy finishing up papers for school, so they haven't thought about it as much....

I found some pictures from last year's visit. Here are the kids in front of the tree.

I don;t know if I have ever mentioned this before. Samuel has the most unusual tastes. Not weird or wrong, just different. Since he was little there have been 2 things he has a not-so-mild fascination with. Turtles & Nutcrackers.

Yup. Nutcrackers. I KNOW!! Every year I get him a new one, and he adds it to his collection. I need to take a picture of our home and show just how much Nutcrackers have taken over our Christmas decor. lol.

Well, across the street from Radio City Music Hall is one of his favorite spots. I think you can tell why by this picture.

He wants one of those soooo bad. Of course, not only does it not fit in our house, how on earth would we get one home?!?!?! lol. We always have to drag him away from this spot. He has already claimed time in this spot. He can't wait.

And have I mentioned how great honey roasted cashews taste from the street nut vendors?? THEY DO!!! Those nice warm sweet cashews on a cold crisp day? Life is good.


Becky said...

Oh, that looks like so much fun! My friend is flying to NYC tomorrow a.m. She promised to call me Friday morning from Rockefeller Center as she stood in front of the tree. She is hoping to be seen on the TODAY show!

I have never been to NY but it is one of my dreams to do so.

And I love nutcrackers. I do not think it is a strange fascination at all. I have two on my tree from Germany. And the entire set of the Nutcracker ballet as ornaments too.

I'd love you to show some of yours. You should do the show and tell on Fridays and show some of your things. There is also a Treasure of the tree thing at Morning Glory. http://seedsfrommygarden.blogspot.com/

You might want to join in the fun. Check it out. I think it is on December 10.


I hope you all have another great time and I am sure you will, but nutcrackers???? A little different but I guess fun for him. Have a great time. connie from Texas

Gena said...

Oh, I am so jealous! I took my girls to NYC during the summer a couple of years ago, but our dream is to be able to go again at Christmas. How beautiful that would be!

We light our Great Tree here in Atlanta on Thanksgiving, too. It is now the Macy's Great Tree, but when it started it was the Rich's Great Tree. It has been around for years and years (over 50, I believe) and I just love it. I cry every year when they finally light it on the high note of "O Holy Night" (also my favorite Christmas carol).

I also thought your post on Christmas photos was so funny. I know what you mean. This year, we must have taken at least 12 different shots and I don't think any of them are very good. Oh well, we'll go with the best of the worst and be done with it. It shows we're human!