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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Christmas Tree hunting

We have been going to the same Christmas tree farm for, well, I can't remember since when. Probably working on 13 years or more.

This year we took Josiah & his little brother, Noah.

And this year it was RAW,COLD, and SNOWING. It was bordering on miserable, except we are hunting for our Christmas tree, And that in it of itself cannot be miserable.

No matter how long we were out there in the cold.

Which always seems to be way too long.

John took the boys on a "rickshaw" ride. Running up & down on the carrier. The boys were having a blast.

After being there for a while I turned around and saw this. I was not surprise in the least bit. I remember Chloe begging her daddy to carry her all the time. He always did. And I remember her having the same exact look on her face then, too.

Hoops found the perfect tree. It was the perfect height & perfect width.

First Noah & Samuel were sawing away at the tree. Then John took over. Meanwhile Hoops was wondering why they didn't bring their sawzall. He has no Christmas spirit when he is cold. He just wanted to get the job done and go in the warm car.

The boys dragged the tree to the carrier, loaded it, and then carried it to the car.

Walking back. It was still snowing/ sleeting. And cold. It was about high 20s, but since it was also wet, it was just, well, raw. To the bones raw.

After loading on top of the car, the boys went into the shack and got their hot chocolate. A job well done. :)

It was so nice to get in the car and blast the heat.

Now its time to decorate!!!


Becky said...

I am shivering just looking at those pictures. There must be a compromise somehow. You and your freezing temps in the ice and snow to cut down your tree ... and we in our balmy tropics sweating bullets as we pull ours down from the high garage shelves and take it out of the box and wrestle it to the stand and vertical in front of the window.

Compromise. I need to think that one through.

Karen said...

Oh boy! Your tree hunt had snow!!! We just saw flurries. :0(
Well, as for the red berries, I love to decorate with them, but sometimes I find them on the floor, and this year with a new kitty, I'm going to have to be more watchful of that. They are festive and free, so they're fun to use.
I've been coughing for about 9 days now,and the meds the dr. gave me have not touched this stuff. I don't know what's going on, they say my lungs are clear, but it sure doesn't feel like it. I may have to go back because I can't sleep at night. It gets worse when I lay down, so I've been propping up on pillows on the couch so my husband can still sleep. It's getting very old, as I'm sure you know. I'm glad you're finally over yours.
Thanks for your prayers. :0)

Be Inspired Always said...

We went on a tree hunt too. I posted some pictures of the tree decorated, my camera actually froze, so I wasn't able to take shots.


Karen said...

I think you had a much better selection of trees than we did! How fun, that we have some similarities. And guess what? I was born in Jersey! Moved to Colorado when I was just a kid, but I'm back east every year or two. I have lots of relatives and now a very good friend who lives there. Glad you stopped by -- I'll be back over here again:)


Wow! what memories those boys are going to have, snow, sleet, cold to the bone and all. God bless you all. connie from Texas

Teresa said...

Thank you for your comment - it's encouraging. :)

I wanted to ask you, how did you find my blog?

Teresa said...

I'm guessing it was Kate McDonald's blog - I love her writing and her as a person as well. :)