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Monday, November 12, 2007

Its A Coming.....

Its a coming..........

Christmas season!!!!!!

My all time favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. I love it, love it , love it.

But really, who can not love Christmas season?!?!?

I love the music, the crowds, the hustle & bustle, the colors, the mood, the shopping, the catalogs in the mail, the cards from long ago friends, the decorations, the movies, the lights, the tree, the baking, the parties, the talking to strangers while waiting on those long long lines and showing off our bargains to each others, the trip into NYC, seeing the whole family, the parking far from the doors cause everyone is there.....

Wow, this list could go on forever, really.

And who could forget the Story.

Yup, 11 more days till Christmas season. Chloe & I will be up at 5am Black Friday hitting the stores and loving every minute of the beginning of this wonderful season. :)


Becky said...

Oh, you are brave. I used to do the black Friday thing but no longer. Now I stay home snug and order gifts from the web and make the rest. I hate crowds. I have gotten that way more and more as I have gotten older.

Karen said...

Oh, I don't go anywhere near the stores on black Friday. I agree with Becky, you are two brave gals! LOL!