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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I will survive

I survived.

If I can say it that way.

I did end up getting bronchitis. It is just so miserable to cough & cough & cough. And then cough some more. I couldn't sit because I threw my back out. I couldn't eat because it would just, well, not be there long enough to digest before I had another cough fit, and couldn't keep it down. I couldn't teach. Which of course, Samuel "took one for the team" and was okay with it. Actually he did do some school work, and when Chloe was home, she schooled him too. He really is not far behind. Specially since we never take any of the school holidays off.

And the worst part was, that I couldn't go outside and enjoy the trees. They were so BEAUTIFUL. I saw them from my window. And now, it is now cold outside. Not cool anymore. Just plain old cold. Like 40 degrees cold. Like almost freezing at night time.



Not , you know dusk. Not the sun setting. Not an evening hue. But plain old dark.

Welcome to winter. It forgot that its okay to be a little late. It seems to be early, almost to the point of being rude.

But I will stop my whining now.

Because I can sit.

I can eat a little.

And I can assign work again.

And I can almost talk. I sound like a dying frog, but people can understand me. Most of the time. And maybe talking is overated.

And God has supplied our needs for today. And HE has sustained me in the turmoil, misery and helplessness of sickness. And the turmoil of life.

So, ...... I am thankful. I survived.

OH! And just in time for Samuel's birthday party. Which is in 11 days. And I have nothing prepared except date. And we have 12 kiddies showing up. Expecting fun.

So, excuse me while I run to the library for game ideas, and the store for supplies. Having a Daniel Boone party (such pathetic homeschoolers) sounded like a good idea at the time.

Hmmm. Would throwing candy out the back door be considered fun?

1 comment:

Karen said...

I'm glad you survived!! I hate to have a cough, but when it turns into something nasty, then I just want to take something and sleep!
Hope you continue to feel back to normal.