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Wednesday, September 19, 2007


For my 40th birthday, I asked for 2 things. Actually, I thought I will ask for one, and if I don't get that one, I have a back-up!!

We women are nuts that way.

Well, sure enough, when I asked to go to the Steelers training camp. John said no. I was okay with that (not really, I really wanted to go, but...) because when he said, pick something else, thinking I didn't have anything and he could do or get whatever he wanted...

I asked to go to FamilyLife's Weekend to Remember. :)

I have been asking to go for about 10 years now, every time they came to town, and he always found an excuse.

We are going!!!

Not that he is thrilled or anything, but he is tolerating it. I am okay with that!

So this Friday, even though the older ones are self-sufficient, they also have plans! Hoops is going on a retreat in upstate NY, Chloe is counceling a week-end camp, and Samuel is going with my parents to his favorite place in the whole wide world. My sister's in PA. :)

And hopefully, John & I will have a weekend to remember. In a good way. lol!!!

AND did I mention John's work truck up & died? He is using my suburban. I am using Chloe's truck, having to drop her off @ school if she doesn't get a car pool. I miss my truck. But its okay. Now I am not going out if I don't have to, because then I have to wake up early to drive Chloe. So it makes me think " How much do I REALLY want to go to this place." I am amazed at how many things are not worth it, and I could do without.

So now we have to decide what to do. His old truck is gone. The mechanic said... move on buddy. Obviously we are getting a used something. Decisions decisions.....


Trina said...

Ohhhh farewell old truck! We have had to say goodbye to some oldies but goldies too. It is so true how something like that can make you stop and think about the importance or non importance of those daily trips of running around. Have fun on your bday getaway!! And of course HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Karen said...

Oh, it never comes at a good time either, does it. (The truck, not the birthday.) ;0)
Happy Birthday!


I wish you a very happy birthday and a wonderful fun getaway. I am sorry about the truck but maybe what happens next will be great.

I wanted to stop by and thank you for your comments about our new grandbaby. We appreciated them so much. God bless you and have a very good day. connie from Texas

Becky said...

I've been to the Weekend to Remember. It was really great. We loved it.

And I love your accent. Especially the way you write it.

Have a great weekend. Sad for your truck :(