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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

look who is talking

So, I was talking to Maria in TN. She is one of my best friends. I wrote about her before.

ANYWAY, the point is, she was giggling at me when ever I said something funny. Which is not ha-ha funny, but duh funny. Meaning she thought it was funny.

She thought the way I spoke was funny.

LIKE, when I was talking about Boston, I said Boston. You know, Bo-as-ton. Like a good Jersey person would say it. Like a good american would say it. :) Or my dog. (do-ag) Or wo-ata. (water). Or to-alk. Such as in what on earth are you to-alking about??

Yeah, so I am trying to figure out when she became a non- Jerseyan. She has been gone from home WAY too long. Yous guys know what I mean?


Lib said...

I enjoed your blog.

Becky said...

We visited Boston last year and we did it without a car. We took our map of the subway/train system everywhere and when we had a question once, we asked a native. She said, "Easy, go down here and find the Pok street station."

There is not Pok Street station on the map. We looked and we looked and we looked some more. And just before we made total fools of ourselves by asking another native where Pok Street Station was, we realized it was PARK Street Station. We laughed and laughed so hard. We still joke about it today. That was fun.

We LOVED that area of the country. Talk about beautiful. We went up the Maine coast, but sadly never made it to New York or Jersey. Maybe next time.

By the way, y'all DO talk funny. I mean, we down here in the south don't talk a'tall strange. If we weren't pitchin' a fit about your mama's sweet tea you'd never know we had our own little language. :)