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Thursday, September 6, 2007

creative juice in overtime

So, I have been inspired!!!!

Thanks http://knittyinthesouth.blogspot.com/ Becky.

As I was watching the Colts/Saints game, I WAS KNITTING for goodness sakes.

Sheesh, I can' t remember the last time I did that.

What am I making? A good old scarf. I need the practice, so that when I make something for someone in this house ( I can't make something for someone out of this house yet....don't want them looking at it like...Gee thanks, what is it) They may actually wear it. HAHA . Well thats the plan anyway.

On another note, I had a meeting with my "mentor" today. Boy was that something to behold. She smacked me up one side of the head and down the other. Figuratively speaking of course. No good pastor's wife will actually DO that in real life. I hope. It was a good thing though. I am such a rebel, Lord Jesus forgive this wicked heart.

Humility is a beautiful thing.

AND!!! I decided I am going to start walking again next week. I use the word decide very liberally. I used to walk 3 miles in 30 minutes every day. Before you get all impressed on me, let me say it was all my neighbor's fault. I mean encouragement. I kept telling her if she doesn't force me to wake up by showing up at my door, I ain't walking. Well, she did. So, this little irish woman 10 years older then me made me get in shape. Yup. She ran circles around me and I couldn't stand her for it.

We are starting again. After a lovely year long break.

Dog-gone it.

I'm tired already.

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