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Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Today is the first day of our new life.

We started a budget!! Again.

We didn't have one when we first got married. No one gave us a clue. We pretty much learned by trial and tough errors. Then we got on a budget, payed off our debt, and were blessed by the freedom a budget brings.

Then 3 years ago, John started his own company. Which threw our budget out of whacked. No longer could we count on a weekly salary. It came down to whenever he got paid, whatever he got paid. ( not to mention, since he is a contractor some people don't pay AT ALL!! We have had to cough up so much money on equipment...ugh) I had no idea how to do that kind of budget. And so........

Now we are paying for it. Big time. Again.

But its time to put my big girl panties on, and fix it again.

And so, last night, with the help of my daughter, we layed out a life plan. A monthly budget, with monthly shopping ( I think I will do every 3 weeks, can't go a month without supplies, but a month is the goal eventually) , and hopefully, we will once again get out of debt, and live free.

And can I say, I am totally excited!! I am tired of being clueless and hoping for the best. It will take a few months to get back in shape, but here we go......


Trina said...

Good for you! Budgets are challenging, but so good. We have had them and then fell off the wagon again. Keep us posted of all the tricks that work for you. We could all learn to be better about this, Im sure!

Becky said...

We just started to live on a budget again after about 8 years of not using one. I am so excited to be at home and loving it so much that I will do just about anything in my power to not have to work again. I can go with out a LOT of stuff :)

Good luck. It takes perseverance and fortitude and not to mention 'just say no'.