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Monday, September 3, 2007

Rocky Beach

So, on to the beach. There is a good reason Rockport is called Rockport. See, its a port, made of ROCKS. Actually, the whole state is just rocks.

This is a view of the beach we spent an awful lot of time on. We were told is was crowded. Obviously, they have never been to the Jersey shore. Crowded means shoulder to shoulder people. Our rental guy apologized for it being so busy. We were waiting for the crowds, until we realized, this was it!!! Yeah........

2 miles down from our beach, we went to the coast. This was NOT a beach, though it was just down the street. This is Halibut State Park. There is no way anyone can swim here. It was rough and rocky. No shoreline anywhere. Getting your toes wet was about all the water you were going to experience at this place. I'm not sure what was on Chloe's mind when this picture was taken, but it doesn't look very sisterly.

Back to our beach. The water was crystal clear, and low-tide was amazing. You could go out forever. If you were brave enough to freeze to death. The water was "refreshing". But true enough, we all got out there.

We met people from all over. From Seattle to Italy, and of course, the locals, which were such nice people. I am used to the New Yorker. All those things you see in the movies about New Yorkers.....they are all true.


Becky said...

I love Boston! We went there last year, and up the coast to Bar Harbor. Such lovely villages and lighthouses and coastline. So pretty and relaxing. We never ever saw a single crowd.

Karen said...

My sister went to Boston when she was 14 and i remember looking at her pictures and how nice it looked. Maybe i'll get to go there some time.
Anyway it looks like you guys all had fun. I enjoyed the pics.

Becky said...

I am so glad you have "rediscovered" your creativity gene. Let's see some pictures!