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Monday, September 24, 2007

So, we went to the weekend to remember, and it was pretty much what I expected. It was good. :)

Now, back in reality, I need a car. Well we need a car. It stinks having to shop for one. I am not a big ticket item shopper. My house is full of odds & end donated furniture, which actually manage to go well together, because I just can't seem to spend big money real good. And when someone mentions they want to get rid of soemthing thats still in good shape. There I am!! With John behind me rolling his eyes. :)

Target, now thats another issue all together.

Anyway, all of you out there who are of the praying persuation, you know, "God is way bigger then me and in control", well, if you think of it, pray for wisdom for us. Thank you.

PS I don't think Notre Dame can beat our local high school football team. Bummer


Karen said...

I will pray for your situation! I'm a big fan of thrifty, too!


I don't like to spend big money but when it comes to cars, I don't like to walk either.lol I will be praying you all find one that want hurt your feeling too bad to put out the money for. connie fromTexas