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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Random Pictures

So, here are some random pictures, because there are too many to post.

On Sunday night, we walked down the street from our house to go hear the vets do a summer concert. Way cool.

Of course, we had to have seafood, so off to the FishShack to have....what else?? Lobster. (Actually, I had shrimp & scammed some lobster off of John) ( I shared me shrimp with him too ) The scenery from the place was incredible. It was all big windows on 3 side and it was on the ocean.

John & Lance kayaked the Atlantic ocean. They were out there about 4 1/2 hours. I am glad I didn't have a clue how crazy it was out there until after the fact. I would have been worried the whole time. And according to the guys, it was mad cold to boot.

BOSTON!! On Chloe's 19th birthday. We love Boston. Enough said.....

I told Chloe to take a picture of us with the Navy ship behind us. Do you see the navy ship? I don't.....

this is Gloucester. The famous of all seaports. Amazing.

And of course, the memorial in Glouscester to honor the fishermen lost at sea. If you have seen The Perfect Storm, this is the town. We saw the dock where the Andrea Gail set off from, and the other interesting places from the movie.

And hiking.... Beautiful scenery

And last but not least, this kitten kept joining us for breakfast and/or dinner. We ate outside alot, since the house had an outdoor patio. This kitten meowed his/her way to my kids' heart. Who am I kidding, John's too. Samuel begged to take it home. All I could think was "heck to the NO". We already have 2 cats too many in my opinion. To my relief, it was not a stray. But I told Samuel he could take a picture with it.....

And today.....we started school!!!
My baby is a third grader!!! I blinked.

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Becky said...

Don't blink again, he'll be graduating. My YOUNGEST is almost 17. Eeek. Where does the time go?

No advice on the vacuum. We have carpeting only in the bedrooms of our home. And no animals anymore. Our dog died last spring, but she was not allowed in the bedrooms anyway. So alas, I don't even have to vacuum every week.

You have more living in your home than I do too. So I guess you are stuck vacuuming for now. Unless we invent something new. I know, how about a cat who can walk through the house and, like a magnet, pick up all things dusty? Hmmm.