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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I am begging...and 27 things


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And for for me...# 10!!!   PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE.


I know it is a little...whatever, but I really want those oils and I wrote it at 1:30 in the morning and I really should have waited till the next morning, but OH WELL.  But go ahead and vote, PLEASE??!!??!

Back to our regularly scheduled program:

27 things that I have learned in the past 27 years:

1. Being young and ignorant, is not always a bad thing.

2. I am so thankful I got married young.  

3.  And I am thankful I had children young.  I had so much energy and they kept me grounded to reality.

4. Your temporary anger should not determine your future.

5. The sun REALLY does come up tomorrow.

6. Never make decisions in the middle of the night, when everything in the drama department of your brain is wide awake and chomping at the bit, and no one is around to tell you how irrational you are being.

7. Pray Pray Pray.  And when you feel like your prayers are not being heard, pray some more.

8.  Your prayer should not be that the other person changes, but that HE work in your own heart.

9. Smile more.

10. Your spouse doesn't need to hear everything that has happened that day.  But certainly he needs to hear some things.

11.  It is better to ask how his day went, than to bombard him with yours the moment he walks in.

12. Laugh.  Laugh at the funny things, even when you would rather hold a grudge.

13. Watch him sleep.

14. Tell your kids how great their father is, even when you don't believe it yourself at the moment, because deep in your heart, you know it is true.

15. Let him relax. 

16.  Let him play.

17. Pray for him continually.

18. Do the things he wants to do, even if you think they are dumb.

19. Take his advice.

20. Unless it is unBiblical, trust him, even when his ideas sound like they are whacked in the head.

21. Time heals everything.  Don't give up.

22. Never forget who you are.  It is who he married.

23. Go to a Bible-believing church.  Every Sunday.

24. Life is simple.  Stop making it so complicated.  We women are not famous for doing that.  We are infamous.

25. The expression 'roll with the punches' was meant for marriage.  Both sides. It you stand up stiff and ready for battle, you will fall, and it will be painful.  For everyone.

26. Love never fails.  Just make sure that selfishness, anger, resentment, self-righteousness, jealousy, impatience and the such, don't wrestle it to the ground and try to choke it.

27.  Cling to Jesus.  Cling to HIM in the good times, the bad times, the great times, the sad times.  HE is the one who is worthy of every effort.  Everything else will eventually fall into place. 

Happy Anniversary My Love.  27 years seems like the whisper of a breath.  May HE bless us with many, many more.   

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