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Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!!

We went over my daughter's in-law's house for New Years.  No my daughter in not in Jersey anymore.  But I love them, they are dear people.  Since they do not dress up for halloween, they have a dress up New Year's Party.

I went as a gypsy.

A few years back, I read an interesting book  on gypsies.  At the same time I  read a book about the hassidic people.

I really shouldn't do that because then, I mix up some fact of what belongs to whom.   Not all the facts.  Like the fact that gypsies have no concept what modesty means.  But the hassidic people have the market on it.  Yet, they both take purity seriously.


Anyway, all to say, both groups are some crazy interesting people.

I should reread the books again, by themselves. 

And so, the gypsy, angel, and...I still don't know what John was suppose to be:

Hangover Race.

It made me realize that I am a fool for signing up to race.  

FINE, not a fool, but why do I torture myself??!?!?

Probably because it is good for me.

me & my boys

Our cheering squad!

Samuel was not as ready for this race as he thought.  He is training, but he is a scatterbrain soul.  I was hoping this race would show him that HE NEEDS TO LISTEN TO ME when we train.

I believe it worked.

Hoops encouraing Samuel

My friend & I crossing the finish line.

This year's goal is:

Invite Jesus in.  In everything.

I know HE is here all the time, but so many times, in my head, I make believe I can decide, ( HE lets me, but then chaos follows.  Not HIS fault, but my choices) ) I can do whatever I want and HE won't notice, ( I can, but HE grieves for me), I can be holy 'enough' ( never happens without HIM).  And I expect HIM to do my bidding. ( spoiled child syndrome.  It lives in all of us


Change us O GOD.  Change our wicked and selfish hearts.

I was talking to an angry soul the other day.  The hatred and anger, that were just below the superficial 'nice' surface, made my heart ache for this person. ( as HE aches for me)

Not judging the soul, just wishing it would surrender and be at peace.  Get relief.

It take so.much.more to live without HIM.  

I know, I do it all the time.  :(

Well...Jesus, please come on in and make Yourself at home.   Please excuse the mess, I am working on it...with YOU by my side.  <3

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