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Thursday, January 5, 2012


2 years ago today...

We got her.

I was a mess.  A no sleep, rotten hair, emotional mess.

But she was beautiful.

And now, 2 years later, she still is.  <3

2 years have done wonders.  They have cemented her in our hearts.

I can't remember life without her.  She is funny, sweet, Miss Bossy-pants( ask Samuel), particular, hard working, gentle, joyous, stubborn, affectionate, loves to sing, smile, play, cut, color, swing, work in the garden, vacuum, school, be with friends, go to church, watch movies, play with her babies, irish dance,  eat her Nana's food, play kitchen, both real & play.

She sticks up for herself, fights and plays with her brother.  Surrenders entirely too soon, loves to serve, and be served.

She loves to look pretty.  Wants Rapunzel hair, and pretty dresses.

She loves to talk.  To anybody.  

She loves to sing.  It can take her out of a bad mood in seconds.

She is learning to love Jesus.  Church is her second favorite.  Next to dance class. lol.

I am so very thankful to GOD for this treasure. HE is faithful.  And generous.

Happy Gotcha Day Peanut Butter.  Life is so good with you here.


Janet and Kevin said...

Happy Gotcha Day Elena - reading your post today reminded me we closely followed you to China (but didn't know you yet!) two years ago because in about a month, our Elijah will have his two-year-gotcha-day, too!

So glad you are here!

janet and gang

Kathy C. said...

How funny it is that today I decide to read blogs...after such a long time away. I loved reading this because I remember so well following along with you through blog-land on your adventure of bringing that precious girl into your family! :) I'm so happy for you still, what a sweet blessing. :)

Kathy C.