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Saturday, December 31, 2011

GOD with us!!!!

Christmas has happened.  

I don't mean Christmas 2011.  I mean 2000+ years ago.

Regardless of the actualy date, HE CAME.

HE CAME to set the captives free.

HE CAME to bring peace inspite of our rebellious, ruthless, proud and selfish hearts.

HE CAME when we couldn't do anything about our lost and broken souls.



Let us shout it from the mountain tops.

Let us shout it from the valleys.

And from everywhere in between.

My heart goes out to those who reject HIM.  The bitter root that swells.  The resentment. The anger.

And the sadness deep in the inside, that is denied on the outside.




We had a good Christmas this year.  The VA family came up and man did that little boy melt my heart.  


Christmas morning brought much joy and laughter.

Josiah recorded.

I think the whole underwear conversation was recorded for our *pleasure*in the future.

We had no idea it was being recorded.

Moving on.

Samuel loved this gift.  I am still praying for this boy and some of his choices.

The Eagles??!!?  REALLY??!!!?

My mom invited Josiah's family over a few days later and we ALL enjoyed the evening.

The brothers playing Just Dance.

My dad opted to just plain old waltz.

The tree died prematurely.  WAY prematurely.

And I was slightly shocked since the tree was fresh-cut by us. Usually it lasts longer than that.  When we took it down to pitch it outside, I realized why it died so soon.  Every year, I turn off the radiator that is right there.  I asked John to do it this year while I was doing something else.

He forgot.

Poor tree.

OH!  And HELLO...

I have an interesting amount of gray hair growing right in front of my head.  So instead of coloring it to my super dark brown hair, I decided to color a gray streak instead.  As John calls it...granny chic.

Because I LOVE being a granny.  <3

It looks more blonde than gray.

More young than granny. Oh well.

I still like it.   



Lori said...

Awww, what a glorious Christmas you had! Your family is just adorable.

And I love that you put a granny streak in your hair. I love that you call it a granny streak. Even though it's blond-ish. You are a young, chic granny!

Blessings to you in the coming year, friend!

Janet and Kevin said...

Wonderful that Christmas happened!

Would love to see a picture of your "granny streak"! Just saying . . .

janet and gang