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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

crazy like a...good grief...i can't think of anything that crazy

So... I married this guy 26 years ago.

He has made life interesting.   To put it mildy.

Just like his son, I wonder why I am still shocked by his statements.

Like this morning.  Do you know what he told me this morning.

He is becoming a vegetarian.

Which is interesting because he loves his steak and his lobster.  OK, he is not a chicken fan.  At all.  So much so that he had threatened in the past to be come vegetarian so as not to eat chicken anymore.  But he didn't do it because he loves his steak.  And hamburgers.  And bacon.  And hot dogs.  And lobster.  And shrimp.  And pork chops.  You get the point.

But today, he made up his mind.

SoOOOOoooOooo... I am on the internet finding recipes for vegetarians.

NOT fun.

My daughter went on a vegan fast for a few weeks.  It was a prayer and fasting fast, not a life style or conviction for the poor animals fast.  She couldn't wait for her time frame to be over.

It was the pits cooking for her during that time period.


Why am I so surprised?

( I am still hoping he changes his mind soon..I'll keep you posted.)


Lauren said...

you'll have to let us know if you find good recipes! Hoping he changes his mind for your sake! haha

At least life is always one big adventure for you! :)

Debz said...

OH hunny...I FEEL FOR YOU!!!!.....My oldest now 23 decided in grade 11 she would try it. She thought it would be cool... I honestly didn't think she would stick with it...I figured the first chance she had to eat a Big Mac she's go for it. She didn't...she still won't eat meat...but she is a carb addict now. She found out she has hematomacrosis and can't eat a lot of veggies that have iron. Sooo ya it's fun.....
If I were you I'd make him go to his doctor and run a series of tests to see if it's a good idea for him to go ahead. I recall reading that hematomacrosis is common in Irish people...
ps. I remember you saying he likes chocolate....tell him it's meat....lol

Hugz sweet sista!