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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Life...on planet earth.

Life is good.

It is the most wonderful having my daughter & her family here, even if it is only temporarily.  I will enjoy this summer, kissing that baby's perfect cheeks, doing things with my daughter, good talks with my son-in-law.  And watching them become such good parents.

It has been great watching my oldest son bloom, in HIS grace.  To hear him laugh.  To watch him work hard, be exhausted, and love it.  To take his little brother along side him and teach him the ways of our LORD.   Watch him continue to become the young man I remember praying for way back when he was about 5.

It has been interesting watching our youngest son, trying to find his role in this family, in the faith and in this world.  Trying to be 'old' and yet loving being a kid.  Ministering to the old, young, sick, dying, living and family.   To watching him be so tender with his little sister ( and tease the day lights out of her, too) ( keeping it real) and fighting with me to hold the baby.

And our little Miss Princess???  Yup, she is a joy.  Hilarious, cute, stubborn, has discovered dress up, is about 5 minutes from reading, is so very helpful and yes, smart.

Some pictures of life in NJ. ( click to see bigger)

It is a wonder if this baby gets put down.  Who can walk by this beautiful boy and not want to hold him???  He has the most delicious smell.  And the softest cheeks.  And best expressions.

This is a picture of my son, my other son, and Noah, a young man from Sweden who was here for a few months working along side our son at the Mission.  Yes his hair is in a pony tail on top of his head.  Yes he pulls his socks up as far as they go.  Like I said...he is from Sweden.  And yes, our oldest is sleeping.

Birthday bag for Father's Day.  :D  And a little peanut helping open presents.  As like any 4 year old, she thinks everyone needs her help in opening presents.

Our oldest daughter got this for her daddy.  It is not even a gag gift.  It is for a man who is in complete denial that he needs reading glasses.  I need to hold his reading material across the table so he can read it.  He needed the magnifying glass to read the directions.

And taking Josiah to our favorite kosher pizzeria.  We have been going there for about 17 years, and it hasn't changed a bit.  

GOD is good.  HE is faithful. HE is true.  And because of that, life is good.

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