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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Life, as She Knows It Now...

What makes a little girl super happy??

When we get home and her daddy is outside...then she jumps on her swing and gives him that face that will make any daddy do whatever she wants.  Even if he is trimming the bushes.

And he does.

And off she goes, being swung harder and higher then her mommy can do for her.

And she laughs so hard you could hear her down the street.

And she holds on tight for dear life.

And her second favorite thing is friends.  See Gwenny, here?  She is from the same province in China that Elly was from!!  They are practically related!!  LOL  :)

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Janet and Kevin said...

Daddys are so fun! Our boys just love it when Papa comes home each day from work. I don't think Kevin will ever get tired of hearing, "Papa's home!" from his little ones!

janet and gang