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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Just Around the River Bend.

Can you believe what 16 months has done??

Here is the peanut when she first came home.  Watching her Wiggles.   She seemed so little girl.  She was.

Here she is now, slipping down the chair.  Watching her Leapfrog.   How could this happen, in just 16 months??!!??!

This weekend we went to Clinton, to enjoy some window shopping and water splashing.  Samuel ran to me on the bridge to give me the keys,

so he could join these 2 in the water.  I opted not to go, thank you very much.

They got across the river and then started going back, and you will never guess what happened...

Someone came back slightly irritated. Can you tell from this picture who it was??

It was him.  And if you look closely, you can see why...he lost one of his crocs on the way back, and he LOVES his crocs.  LOVES LOVES LOVES them.

I was trying to hard not to laugh, and he gave me this look.  It didn't help.  It just made it even HARDER not to laugh.  My poor son.  But let me tell you, it was f-u-n-n-y.

Then he was trying not to laugh.  And the harder he tried not to laugh, the harder it became for him, too.

Pitch the other one too, son.  Maybe someone will find both and how fun would that be??!!??!

There it is...I know you can barely see it...but there it goes.

Funny part, this fisherman was on the other side when Samuel lost his croc, and he talked to him about it.  The fisherman moved down river, and after Samuel pitched his other croc over, we realized that there is a chance that this fisherman would think it was the one he lost in the first place.  He did.  He got a little excited when he saw it floating by.  He hadn't noticed the surrender.  Samuel hid. lol.  The fisherman couldn't grab it either.  

Just as well.

The other one was long gone.

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