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Friday, February 5, 2010

Winter Survival

We went out 2 DAYS IN A ROW!!! I know! Crazy. And yes I am paying for it super special.

But it was worth it.

Last night, we went to our Bible study, and we are starting Experiencing God. I did this study over a decade ago, and then I did it with our youth group a year later. It is fantastic. This time we are not doing the study, but reading the book and discussing the chapter! I am pretty excited about it, it has been too long since I read it.

And of course, Elena is doing pretty well here. She is adjusting quite nicely and has received entirely way more kisses then she bargained for.

But look at this face!!!!

Wal M*rt had sunglasses for just the right price. Except she can't find her nose.

Finding out that Italian food is better then she thought it was going to be, she went full gusto. Her digestive system is on over drive, seeing as how she only ate congee in China.

And yes, Samuel is still here! He is loving life. Homeschooling is fun, specially those days that you apply study to life. Like the rods in your eyes and how night vision works.

Once again, WalM*rt came in handy to find pirate patches, and we did experiments to find out just how cool our eyes are!! If you put an eye patch on your eye for about 20 minutes then go into a dark room and switch the patch to the other side,, it's like you have nightvision googles! So cool! But your other eye can't see a thing, like you were truly blind!

And of course, when you are done with your experiment, you still have super cool pirate patches to boot!


Kathy C. said...

LOL...you and Samuel make great pirate faces, hee hee. :) I think Elena is making one too, :).
Keep warm and safe my friend!

Chloƫ said...

I never wonder where Samuel gets it from. LOL..

but that is pretty cool! I'm going to have to freak Josiah out one day and try that.

And that picture of Elly eating pasta? A little scary, LOL. BUt glad to see she's eating :)