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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Elly-bug, what do you see?

Look mommy...

Look at what I see!!

Daddy. In the snow!

SNOW!! And we are still suppose to get the brunt of it this afternoon!!

John is trying to get some shoveling done, before the other 10" - 12" come this afternoon.

Coming back from helping Miss Sophie, our 87 year old neighbor.

Cleaning off my truck.

I used to love ( still do) to see a home with this beautiful perfect lawn with snow that hasn't been touched and looks like a picture.

We don't have that.

We have kids.

And dogs.

And grownups who love to play.

So our backyard looks like a war zone.

But the memories they have, the memories WE have, are worth not having life picture perfect. So I will enjoy other people's perfect untouched snow, and I will love our played in, built in, thrown in, wrestled in, crazy-like-all-get-out backyard.

With it's igloo in the making.

And PS...

Chinese New Year is but 4 days away, and look who is ready!!!


Lori said...

LOVE the CNY outfit! So cute that she's all ready to celebrate!

I can't decide if I'm jealous of your snow or not...hmmmm, I sure love a good blizzard but...I'm awfully ready for spring. I think I'm...not jealous so, have fun without me! :)

Sophie said...

Hi Madleine
Thanks for commenting on my blog.
We were heartbroken that Guatemala has shut it's doors to adoption, we were hoping to go back. You have a beautiful family, your little girl is precious God made her especially for you.
Love the pictures but so tired of winter and snow!
Blessings :)

Chloƫ said...

Eller-face is simply the cutest. :) I love the one where she's watching Daddy out the window.

Kathy C. said...

Oh my goodness...snow,snow and MORE snow...wow!

I love the name "Elly-bug"....sweet!!!! :)