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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Times like these...

We have been house bound for over a week.

Samuel had strep and Elena had pneumonia.

You would think I had so much time since I was home. It is harder!! Nope. I would pop online to read some things, but never had the time to finish or write something in here.

But lest I start a pity party, and I can throw some good parties like that...

It has been a rough week on the kids, too.

I think Elena is so bored and tired and trying to recover and feel better so she can go out.

Samuel is surviving as best as he can. ( READ: he has lost himself in Adventures in Odessey, after school work)

Look at this face. Pitiful. We have some discipline issues after this. How can one not give into that face???

Another thing Samuel has been trying to do this week, is make his sister an Eagles fan. NOT SO MUCH.

My 2 sick babies this week.

But I am glad to say, today we go out!!!! I have had to do food shopping before they got sick. So we literally have NO food. Zip. Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

And many of you may say " Why doesn't John go out?" Let me just say, it is better that we have no food, then to spend a million dollars on *food*. lol

And that's all I am going to say about that.

Oh, and how much does it stink that we will be having not one,but TWO storms coming up? It stinks pretty bad.



Becky said...

Spring is coming my friend. Hang in there!!

Kathy C. said...

So sorry you two little ones are down and out. :( Feel better soon!!!!
I did laugh at the statement about "food" though, lol...I am the ONLY grocery shopper in my house so I totally understand. I'd rather go without than to have to figure out what to do with whatever might come home, lol

Gena said...

I have always been the one and only grocery shopper here, too! I didn't want to have to live on Froot Loops and beef jerky for a week.

I am so sorry that the little are sick! That is so miserable for all of you. I'll be praying that all is better soon. Those pictures are adorable, though.

And I'm also sad that you're still getting snow. I talked to my friend today and she was so thrilled that she could see a tiny patch of grass in her yard. That was the patch that was UNDER the tunnel her kids had built in the snow. I'm sorry, I can't even relate. You know how I love me some snow down here.

Hugs to you!