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Saturday, February 13, 2010


Why, pray tell, do I have a confession to make? And why, pray tell, is this terrible picture on my blog?


It's true.

I am walking. I am walking a 1/2 marathon .

WHAT WAS I THINKING??!?!?!?!?!?!

My daughter is running the marathon and when she told us about it months ago, I was so excited for her and I told her we would go down there to watch it and cheer her on that weekend. After all., it is St Paddy's Day weekend, and it would be fun to go.

A week later, she came up with this hair-brained idea that I should walk the 1/2 marathon. ( My knees are shot, running is forever done for me) Well, obviously this is by far the silliest idea this child of mine EVER had! I mean, I haven't walked or done any excersice for, oh, I can't even remember when the last time that happened!

I said no. Truthfully, I think I said ARE YOU NUTS??

But see... my daughter is anything but a quitter.

And somehow she got me to agree.

I had been training real well before China. Then China came and my training schedule got messed up. ( READ: I didn't walk at all) ( until this past week)

I wish my daughter was here so I can wring her little neck.

And I had seriously considered telling you all so I would be held accountable. But deep inside, I thought I would just skip out and no one would know.

Except my daughter, of course.

But I will do it. Even if everyone went home and it is dinner time, I will finish.

Even if everyone passes me and they reopen the road because I am taking too long, I will continue. Even if I am crying on the middle of it and want to quit, I will go on. Even if my toes nails fall off, it will happen. Even if I can't breathe anymore, I will slow down and complete this thing.

My daughter sent me the link to this t-shirt and I thought of getting it for her. Now I think I may need it for myself.

It says: " If found on the road, please drag to the finish line."

Yes, that may very well be me.

Keep me accountable.


Lori said...

Bahaha!! Oh friend, I admire your "ambition" to do this! I don't even walk to my mailbox, much less a half-marathon. Golly, now I'm feeling like I need to get off my bee-hind and burn a few calories. Thanks a lot.

Heehee. I look forward to hearing how it goes! Make sure someone is following along taking your pic as you go! If nothing else, it will make for some good blog material!!

You can do it!!!

Becky said...

Oh, that is so brave of you. I wish you the best! Finish well. I love walking, but have not had the time lately, except pushing a stroller. And ... I miss my trails in back of my old house. Here is is all on the street/sidewalk.

Have fun!!

Joanne said...

You go, girl~~!!!

My mothers friend in London asked her to do a "charity walk" one year in Greece. OK, she said. Turned out it was the Athens Centenary Marathon!!!

You will be so proud when you reach that finish line!!

Chloë said...

Yay Mom!! You're gonna do great and finish well before dinner time :) You'll probably finish before me, too. 33 days! :-o

Kathy C. said...

All I can say is...better you than me, LOLOL...

You can do it!!!! I'm rootin' for ya. :)

Debz said...

Gotta love our older kids hey!
Mine has me walking the track with her every Wednesday for 1 1/2 hours. I thought I would die the first time but darn it I didn't and now I must keep my word.....and I thought our 4 year old was going to be the one that would keep me young ;O)! I need a t-shirt that says "Road Kill, just kick me to the side of the track" ;O)!

Soooooooooo? Did you practice today?? Hummm HUmmm did ya did ya?

オテモヤン said...
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