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Thursday, July 2, 2009

2 very, very short days to go

I ran ( and I use this word loosely because it takes about an hour to get there) up to the vineyard to make all the final payments on Tuesday.

I had forgotten how absolutely beautiful it is out there.

It was hot and humid, so much so, that in walking the 1/4 mile to the wedding rock, it started to thunder storm to break the humidity.

And I couldn't even feel the heat because the sight-senses were on overload.

It was just stunning.

I was talking to one of the garderners, telling him about the up-coming wedding taking place in his *home*. As I was talking to him, I noticed was that his face was so serene. I mean, it was just at peace. so unusual, I didn't want to leave his presence. Then I looked at another one of the gardeners walking by. As he smiled at me, SAME THING!!! I met about 4 or 5 of them. All of them seemed to just love being there.

There just must be something about a vineyard. And that is probably one of the reasons Jesus refers to them. Often.

Well, the dress has been picked up, the marriage license ready, everything is pay for, the vows have been written. The groom-to-be is back from VA, the father of the bride is melancholy, the mother can't sleep, the suitcases are packed. The house is almost clean. The out of town guest are here in Jersey, my mom is in full panic mode, the tears come freely and often, and the bride is just about jumping out of her skin with excitement.

Yup, the wedding is but 2 days away.

I would say pray for me, but if I really thought about it, I would have to say, if you can only pray for one person, pray for my dear husband. His little girl is "leaving him". And I'm not sure he can handle it as well as I thought he could. Or he thought he could.

He is going to be a mess.

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