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Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I remember way back when, Samuel was about 2 1/2 years old, and couldn't even speak yet. But he loved turtles, and he was able to make that perfectly clear to anyone. Which is so weird, since we never really encouraged it, knew anything about them, or even talked or showed him any of them.


Well, he has been asking for a pet turtle for forever.

And ever.

And ever.

The day before my daughter's wedding rehearsal, Josiah went out, and found this turtle on his driveway.


Like...what on earth??!?!

Chloe was on the phone with him, and she told me what had happened, to which all I said was "Awww, Samuel loves turtles."

I thought it would be neat for him to see it the next day, hold it and enjoy it before it went back to...wherever.


Josiah gave Samuel this turtle as a "gift."


It's HUGE.

There was just no way that thing was coming home with us. NO WAY. I made that perfectly clear, to which someone responded, " It's already in your car, in a 50 gallon tank."

I have been spending these past few days convincing him to let this Herculean creature back to the wild. I know, I know. They are not native to this area, it is North/South Carolinian, and it is totally illegal to dump it in our streams. (someone must have brought it up from there, got tired of it after few years, and dumped it near Josiah's house.) But see, GOD is so good, and it just so happens that Lance is going on vacation to N. Carolina TOMORROW and can take it with him, and give it to a rescue down there!!!!


But Samuel is heart broken.

He has finally still agreed to let it go, after much talking and praying, and convincing, and crying.

Here are his good bye pictures we took tonight before it leaves tomorrow at the crack of dawn.

Samuel with his turtle face.

A TURTLE!!! What was he thinking??!??!?


Becky said...

I was going to suggest a small turtle in a fish tank but I think I remember that it is illegal to keep them that way unless you are in a classroom. Does homeschooling count? Anyway, sad story :(

Gena said...

Oh dear! That turtle is gigantic! I know poor Samuel was heartbroken. I think turtles are pretty cool, too. A friend of ours has a tiny one waiting for us to take home. And, Becky, I'm going to pretend that homeschooling does count :)

I hope you have a great weekend. And, I'm already looking for the perfect fabric square to send to you.