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Monday, July 6, 2009

Mr. & Mrs. C

The wedding was perfect.

Not that everything went off perfectly, but it was perfect. This was the first 4th of July in Jersey that it didn't rain or wasn't steaming.

My daughter was SO happy and my new son-in-law was precious.

My sister took some candid pictures and since we don't have the "real" pictures yet, I thought I'd share these.

My husband is not doing well.

At all.

But the whole day was just breath-taking; whether is was the ceremony, that was so holy, the scenery & the sky that were stunning, the couple that are crazy about each other, and yet were determined to make their relationship pleasing to GOD. It was just...beautiful.

But I miss her already...


Becky said...

That wedding video was just stunning. She was so incredibly beautiful. Just breathtaking. And my favorite pictures were the one of her new husband watching her walk up to him and totally losing it, and the two of her dancing with her daddy. Oh, my. Just incredible. What a lovely, lovely wedding.

And you my friend ... look ravishing. What a perfect dress. I am so glad everything turned out great. Especially the weather.

Blessings to the new family.

~Karen~ said...

Ditto what Becky said! Beautiful wedding, beautiful bride, beautiful Mama of the bride! Congratulations. (It does NOT get easier to see your "little ones" get married.) We have two down, and one to go. ;o)