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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Learning a new language. At 41.

Learning Chinese is such an amazing experience.

Samuel & I were suppose to start a few weeks ago, but then I realized, with the wedding stuff going on, there was no was I was going to learn/remember anything.

We started this past week.

We go 2x a week for 2 hours each time.

And it is sooo cool.

At first the fact there there are 4 tongs messed with my mind. You can say something in a wrong tong ( accent or extension or shortening of an ending or vowel) and it changes the meaning COMPLETELY.

Such as the time I called my teacher a rat, because I extended the word too much.

Or the fact that ball, tree, and the verb to be, all sound ridiculously similar to my american ear. But now that we are practicing, I am learning to differentiate.

It is sooooo cool!

And of course, Samuel is a natural. The teacher loves him.

Back to the tong. I thought it was unfair for the language to do that to foreigners. ( I know, self-centered american thought) But when I got home and got to thinking about it...we do the SAME THING!!!

Think about it.

Shoe, chew,shoo, and even jew, may sound similar to foreign ears.

I know!

So once I got over my pity party, we are running with everything we've got!!!

So come on over and I will speak some chinese to you. And hopefully, if you are an american, you won't hear my mistakes. :)

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Becky said...

Fortunately the sweet child you will be talking to is a sweet child. So forgiving. This is going to be fun to watch. I know two words in Japanese because years ago Mitsubishi moved into the town I was living in and the newpaper did lessons for us all to greet our new neighbors.