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Tuesday, December 2, 2008


What a week!

Thanksgiving was nice, Black Friday was great, and the Love of my Life turned 43.

First news, Chloe picked out her wedding dress. And the vineyard for the reception is a go! Which means I can relax about the wedding until after Christmas.

In theory.

And now, Advent has already begun. Lord, prepare Your people's heart to rejoice in the Gift of your Son. Let us not forget the only real point of Christmas.

Both my future in laws are sick. I mean dog sick. Like, just shoot me sick. Bless their hearts.

And don't forget. TOMORROW IS THE LIGHTING OF THE TREE!!!! I am going to miss it. But I will have Samuel watch it for me. I am going to watch Chloe's dance show. She is a dance major, and there is always a show, every semester, for her final. I usually go Wednesday by myself, and then the whole family goes on Thursday.

I just can't imagine no one in the family not going to see her. But I also can't imagine making the whole family sit through 2 hours, twice. lol. All that testosterone couldn't take it. lol.

And Friday, Lord willing, is our Christmas in NYC day. And I can't wait. Except I am SO cold all the time. And I AM INSIDE!!!!


And Saturday we go to Christmas on the farm, and them to cut down our tree. Its going to be a busy COLD weekend.

But I won't complain. (too much). Because God is gracious, and truly, all these activaties are precious to my heart.

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Becky said...

All of your activities sound so fun. And every one of them can be an act of worship I think. Enjoy!!

I watched the last 5 minutes of the lighting of the tree on tv. I want to go there someday and see it in person. It is a dream of mine.

Have a great time!