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Monday, December 29, 2008

Week in review!!

Did I mentioned it snowed?

It did. Our puppies love the snow. Except I really think Daisy needs a sweater. I can't stand to see dogs in swearters. It a ridiculous idea thought up by man ( probably woman) that is pathetic at best and obnoxious at worst. Except Daisy loves being out there and is always shivering. I may have to eat my hat and get her one.

Christmas morning. Notice my stocking over flowing. Samuel asked me this year what I get in my stocking. Usually nothing, unless I think of something I want and stick it in there. This year, he made his daddy take him out, and took the job of stuffing quite seriously. :)

Yes he is 10. Yes he still loves Playmobile. And yes, I encourage it as long as I can.

Wesley and Chloe trying to give the Puritan look. They couldn't. They kept cracking up.

All the grandchildren. For real this time. No one was missing. And Josiah.

We went hawk & eagle watching. It was a crazy warm day, so we went out. I think it went up to 50. We decided to take a hike, also, since the trail were calling our name.

Chloe. Always the dancer, always stretching.

Hoops found a hunter's platform. Or whatever that thingy is called.

John & Samuel found a real nice one.

A boy & his dog. Shelby doesn't need a leash, she is a good girl. If we had taken the beagles, they would have been a mess. And if they were unleashed, we would never see them again.

There are so many more pictures. Maybe I will add some later.


Karen said...

I'm laughing about dogs in sweaters. I agree with you. Then we had a puppy (didn't last long) and my daughter dressed him in hoodies and I just fell in love.

Great pictures! The hawk/eagle excursion sounds exciting. Did you see many?

Becky said...

They call those things Tree Stands. The Butler has offered to buy me one and provide me with a water launcher so I can take out the cats in the neighborhood that walk all over our cars, poop in my flower beds and attack the birds at the feeders.

And that is so sweet that your stocking is overflowing thanks to your boy. I am just like you, buying my own stocking stuffers just so it doesn't look limp.

And Playmobil. I love Playmobil. I have 3 grown sons and boxes and boxes of that stuff in my garage waiting for a grandchild. It is the most ingenious invention, not to mention expensive. If I would have saved that money I could have sent my third one to college on cash.