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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Part 2

My parent's diningroom can sit, well, way too many people. And somehow, it usually ends up being the men's side and the other side is the women's side. Not on purpose. But one usually gets in the mix. This year, I sat next to my love and invaded the men's side. :)

Back to the hawk/eagle watch. YES!! We saw some!! It was awesome.

Chloe & I walked back to the car to wait on the boys.

Normally, one just walks to the car and sits to wait.

Not my daughter. She twirls and leaps. lol. Walking, sitting and/or waiting are lost on her.

Hoops swinging on the vines.

John swinging. Yes he is 43. But that never seems to stop the thrill.

We take Shelby-girl whenever we can. She is a great dog for that. :)

So, these past few weeks, whenever we went wedding dress shopping, (and we went quite often) I dropped off Samuel at Joe's. Because who wants to take a 10 year old shopping for that for 2 - 3 hours?? And really, what 10 year old boy WANTS to????

One day, we were stuck with taking him. He asked me for my camera so he could take a picture.

Here he is, taking a picture of himself, as he says,passed out with boredom.

Then he discovered the mirrors!! I have a load of pictures like this. At least he was entertained...

And so were we.

And though we are good Southern Baptist, we still dance.

And play cards during the holidays.

And so next time, I am in here, it will be the new year!!

We wish you all a Blessed New Year. Fill you heart and home with HIS presence.


Becky said...

Oh my goodness those pictures of Samuel are hilarious. That kid is so much fun. Creative and clever and artistic. They are great shots.

Um ... ahem ... we dance too. And we play cards. Sometimes we even bet. The other day the Butler and I played best of three games and the loser had to clean the kitchen.

It wasn't me :) :)

Thanks for your sweet words in my comments. You have a very Happy New Year!!

HsKubes said...

I enjoyed seeing your photos! Looks like y'all have had some wonderful moments.
I hope you have a wonderful upcoming new year!

~ Christina


Dear Madeleine, I love your new blog look. The pictures of your family were great. Hope you have a wonderful new Year filled with much happiness and joy. connie