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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Welcome to NJ

New Jersey.  Oh.... how the rest of the nation loves to mock us.  It seems everywhere we go, there are Jersey jokes.  I have heard them all.  We are considered the armpit of America. The corruption,  politics, finances, factories, & taxes are "more then famous, they are IN-famous". (Do you know what movie thats from ??)

Well, after hearing our governor give his budget speech yesterday, I realized, its all true.  

 Yes, we have beautiful beaches and land.  We have lovely mountain views, fields, farms, country sides.  We have stunning rivers and lakes.  We have more malls then you can shake a stick at.  We are close to the city (both NYC & Philly) for fun, the mountains for hikes & skiing, the shore for, well, the shore. We have awesome historical sights from the Native Americans, the Revolutionary war, and oh so much history.  Edison did ALL his work here.  The Seeing Eye Dog school is here, We have Princeton & Rutgers, and other great colleges, actors & actresses have been raised here like Merril Streep, Danny Devito, Bruce Willis, Brittany Murphy, Ed Harris, Ethan Hawke, Tom Cruise, Ray Liotta, Kirsten Dunst, wow that list can go on for a while.  Oh and lets not forget Bruce.  (Springsteen) .  We have the Statue of Liberty, yes its on the Jersey side no matter what NY says, we have theaters. The Giants & the Jets play here at the Meadowlands, even though they are the NY teams. We have museums, and a cool aquarium.  And diversity up the wazoo.

NJ has alot to offer.  And we enjoy it all.

As well as the highest car insurance in the country.   We pay $6,890. for the family.  The highest property taxes, we pay $ 7,900 for a SMALL 3 bedroom house on an 80 x 150 plot of land.  And of course our highways cost us money.  Tolls are a beautiful thing around here. 

And our governor told us yesterday, its all going to go up.  Again.  Plus he is closing some hospitals, cutting property tax relief, and cutting school funding, which means our state colleges will go up.  Again.  OH!  And did I mention he has NO plans to cut spending for our state politicians? Well....... He has no plans to cut that at all.  Nope.  

So, I may be a little bitter.  I am really starting to understand the jokes.  I love New Jersey, but it seems NJ does not love its people.   BUT, unless we move, I will continue to be loyal to this state, no matter how crazy it seems.

See............. it is all I know.

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Becky said...

A Loyal Opposition is a priviledge in our country. Go for it!!

That is one thing about FL. Our cost of living is pretty low. We have no state income tax, and no sales tax on food at all. Unless it is at a restaurant of course :) We want to stick it to our tourists.