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Saturday, February 23, 2008

A day in a life..

Chloe left for Houston yesterday for the weekend.  One of her dear friends is getting married today.  As I was driving her to the airport in the falling snow, she was thrilled to get out of the cold.  Even if for just 2  1/2 days.  
She called when she got there, basking in the 76 degrees weather.  I can't even imagine.

Here at home, it was another typical day of school.   Yes, there is a cat in his shirt while he is doing his math.  And yes, its quite typical.  He tried the dogs, but they were not too co-operative.  Marv, on the other hand, is happy to be warmed by any body offered.  

And when his daddy and older brother got home, they  played in the snow.  I stay inside as much as I can.  I am no fool.   He had begged me to go out with him, but my arthritis was louder in saying NO.   Maybe today.  :)

Even Reilly got a good work out in the snow.  He was chasing the snowballs that Hoops would throw, and then lose them. In the snow. lol.  He needs the workouts though, he needs to lose some weight.

Life is good. 

1 comment:

HsKubes said...

What fun. Our children loved playing in the snow while we were North.
Thank you for your prayers.

Enjoy your weekend. ;o)
~ Christina