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Monday, February 18, 2008

an afternoon at the museum

John and I woke up, looked at each other, and said at the same time, "Let's go to the museum today!"

So after church, we got in the car, and started out to NYC.  We are members of theAmerican Museum of Natural History.  It just got cheaper to become members then to pay everytime we went.

As much as I enjoy this movie, we don't have it!!  (PS Samuel got a haircut!!)

Chloe weighs a slimming 1.809 trillion pounds on a neutron star. 

The African elephants.  I love these guys!

How gross is a mosquito? At 750 times it's size, its pretty darn NAS-TY.

After a great afternoon, we were about the last to leave. 

Samuel catching a ride from his sister on the way to the car.   My mom bought him those shoes that you can roll on.  I can't stand them.  He loves them. The little boy in the picture thats next to him, was fascinated that Samuel was rolling!! 

Times Square.  This building is one of my favorites, not because its so beautiful or its unusual architecture.  But because the whole outside it a lighted billboard.  Neat. 

There is this water exhibit there right now, we didn't have the time to go yesterday, but maybe next time!!


Corrie said...

Wow! I think it absolutely amazing to live in close enough proximity to visit NYC! Looks awesome! Here in Texas, our mosquitos seem to get almost that big!!! ha ha.

Becky said...

I love a nice museum. Someday I will go to NY and see it for myself. Looks like it is worth it.