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Friday, February 8, 2008

He gives and takes away

So, there are times in our lives, that we just don't understand what our good Lord is trying to teach us.  These times are difficult & yet through the heart ache, encouraging.  

I remember one time, many years ago, when I was a Christian for about 3 years, I was in a women's Bible study, and one of the ladies said  "Sometimes I don't want to pray, because it seems when I pray, my life gets ridiculously difficult."  I thought that was awful and my goodness,how can someone say something like that???

I am not about to stop praying, by any stretch of the imagination But now I can understand her struggle.  

And yes, she was encouraged to drop that mentality that day. 

And so yesterday, when an unexpected turn of events occurred, and its seemed, yet again, unfair, we remembered," You give and take away, but my heart will CHOOSE to say, Lord blessed be Your Name........"

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