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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Birth certificate


John and I need 2, yes 2, certified copies of our birth certificate.  One for the files here in America, and one for China.

Getting John's is a piece of cake.  I just drive out to Livingston, which is about 1/2 hour away, pay my $20, and come home.

Mine on the other hand......

Did I mention that I was born in El Salvador????

No?  Well, I was.

40 years ago.

I asked my mom how on earth can I get this piece of paper that is so important in order to bring our daughter home.  She has the original, and only one.  After the civil war, in which most government buildings were burnt down, and then the earthquake, which did a good job on the rest....... well, I am praying for a clue.

Did I mention computers are a fairly new concept down there?  I am also praying they have files going back 40 years somewhere.  Anywhere.

We call my aunt down there, and she is looking for a solution.  

Please pray for an EASY one.  Or at least a possible-in-our-time-frame one.

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Anonymous said...

Hi there! I enjoyed visiting your blog! Hope that paper turns up soon! So you're adopting? Great to touch base with you!