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Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Its summer time. And you know what that means!!

SLEEP TILL 8!!!!!! I went to wake Samuel up, and his room get SO COLD from the AC in his room, he still sleeps with his fannel pajamas and his down comforter. Poor kid, either we don't put the AC on and its 110 in there, or we put it on low cool, and it 40 degrees.

My niece graduated high school this year. She is my cousin's daughter. But my cousin is more like my sister. My parents bought her up here and the 3 of us girls grew up together like sisters. So, they are my nieces. Natalie, the one in the middle graduated, Alexis is her sister, and Chloe is in the back.

And last but not least, this is Lance at the beach. It is one of the best pictures of my son, as it shows how much he has changed since becoming a believer this past year. His smile is so true & genuine. His heart is at peace. His friend who took this picture is an amature photgrapher. I think she should go for being a proffesional.

Next week, we start doing some school work. But we won't call it school work, we will call it jump starting next year. Just some reading and math. If you hear groans coming from the Northeast, its Samuel.....

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HsKubes said...

I enjoyed seeing y'all's photos.
Hope the transition to a new computer goes smoothly, as does the jump start on school.

~ Christina