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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Maria is coming!

So, I have this friend. We have been friends for about 8 years.

I knew her in-laws for years and years. In fact, I went to high school with her husband's twin siblings! Bryan was my physics partner!

I didn't meet Maria until one month before they moved to TN. Yet it seems like thats all it took.

We are dear friends. In fact, I would say we are sister-like friends. Everytime we call each other, it is HOURS before we hang up. When she comes to NJ to visit, it is HOURS of DAYS till she goes home again. When I have to cry or to let it out, or when I am questioning everything, she is the shoulder-through-the-phone that I cry on, let it all out to, and laugh with and vice versa.

She will be here tomorrow for 2 weeks!!!!!

She is the mom of 6 boys. And I have given Chloe permission to marry any of those boys. From Joshua who is 21 to Issac who is 10. Chloe perty much said, its like marrying your cousin, mom. She gets along famously with all of them.. How could she not, Maria & Stephen have done a fabulous job or raising sons of God. Sometimes I call, and one of the boys answers the phone, and we could talk for a long time, or at least until Maria realizes its me, and demands the phone. :)

But ......she comes tomroow!!! For 2 weeks!! Life is good.

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HsKubes said...

I'm sure you will enjoy your time with her. What a blessing!

~ Christina