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Friday, July 13, 2007


My daughter had 2 days off this past week. She opted to come home instead of stay at the camp grounds. She appeared at the front door with 4 other councelors.

They were internationals. They were from Wales. England and Northern Ireland. They were delightful!! I mean how bad can you be, when you come to America to minister to inner city kids. ( and trust me, the pay is next to nothing) The campers are from rough neighborhoods. All 5 of the kids that came home were emotionally, spiritually and physically exhausted. It was wonderfull to feed them real food, to comfort them, and to serve them.

So....the camp is in West New Jersey, which is absolutely gorgeous. It all rolling hills and beautiful landscape. The internationals fell in love with it. The only other place they have been to other then the campgrounds so far is WalMart. They felt as though they had hit the jackpot. All they talked about was WalMart. Chloe looked at me as if to say, they don't get out much. lol. We took them to the mall. I almost had to scrape them off the floor. They were so funny, I mean, here are 20 & 21 year olds, with faces like 5 years olds, in wonder of it all. They really were cute. And the funny part is that they are not from, like, deepest darkest Africa. They are from the UK!! Sheesh.

Our Lord is so good to me. I love having people over. He just allowed me to do what I love best. So many times, I feel like unless it is hard and miserable, I can't possible be doing the right thing. A good friend showed me how stupid that thinking was, and now I get it!!

On another note, Samuel starts rock climbing camp next week. He went last year and loved it. He is fearless and reckless, which according to his councelor and the 2 key ingredients to being a good rock climber. This may sound like a cool thing, to have a kid be the cool one who achieves what no one else in camp could do, unless you are his mom. And you remember going to the ER 7 times in 10 months. Then its not so cool. Then you remember you put him in this camp, so he can get the discipline and knowledge, so you are not running to the ER.


He loves it.

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