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Friday, July 20, 2007


My oldest son has been such a joy in my life. He has been the most difficult creature ever to walk this earth. I know, I know.....an oxymoron.

But if you knew all the big AND little details of his life, you would understand.

2+ weeks ago, he asked me to pray about something. (He has been a believer for about a year and a half. He will be turning 22 this fall. He was raised in the church and homeschooled his whole life.) Anyway, back to the prayer request:

He asked me to pray about him going to college out in British Columbia. As in the other side of this great big nation. As in ........another country!!!!! It is a school run by Mennonites. He has been praying for months.

Mind you, this will be his 5th college in 4 years.

Since we are no longer paying for his schooling, and he is almost 22.....

Well, I did pray, and I wasn't sure about the answer. I kept putting him off and telling him not to pressure me about an answer. 2 nights ago, he came into my room at about 11:30ish. He knew I would be up reading and John would be sleeping. He kind of leaned against my dresser and looked at me without saying anything. The question was in his eyes, though. I think he knew I would say no. I think I knew I would say no. We kind of looked at each other for a few seconds, and then he asked me anyway.

I told him it was a good idea. Even as the words were coming out of my mouth, I was shocked. Yet, at peace. He was floored. He was so happy, but asked me again, to make sure he heard me right. I still can't believe I said that. And I still can't believe I am totally at peace about it.

He will be going to Washington state next month, and driving up to BC with a friend to check out the school. He may not go tot he school, but he has our blessing. And I will continue to pray.
P.s. his real name is not Hoops, and he has never played basketball. I don't even remember how we got that name. lol. But Hoops he is.

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