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Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas TIme is...almost here.

We decorated for Christmas this weekend. 

It got me thinking of loads of Christmas controversies.

It also got me thinking of The Birth.

And the Miracle.

And the Hope.

And I realized that Hope is truly...my favorite thing. 


You have to understand.  I am a basketcase.  I am a woe-to-me fan.  I am a jump off the cliff because there is just no hope left.  Also, an 'oh well, it is for everybody else except for me because it is never for me'.

In a word...pathetic.

BUT, in all that, HE always manages to come in, into the pinholes of my life, and explode with hope.

SO, as we decorated this year, I clung to hope, for in the end, that is all I want to hang my hat on.  

Hope in Jesus.


The other thing is, we didn't decorate the tree.  We are waiting for my oldest baby girl to come from VA. With her family( read: my beautiful grandson.  Oh, and my dear son in law, too.  But really HAVE YOU SEEN THIS BABY??!!??!).  So I can kiss those cheeks while they do the rest of the work.  

Because my job will be to kiss those cheeks.

Our diningroom table centerpiece:

Charlie Brown's Tree & the Jesse Tree.

Daisy-gurl is a worry-wart in the worst way.  She and Reilly are the same age.  Except Reilly looks so much younger.  Because Reilly goes with the flow.  As long as he eats and has water...life is good.

Peanut's motto:  Have tree, will travel.  She loves Charlie Brown Christmas.  She watches it all year long. She thinks Peppermint Patty should be a boy.

So 12 days of Christmas left.  13 if you are an American.

And I haven't really started my shopping yet.

I should panic. 

I should have a freak out session.

But instead, I am going to hang with Reilly, because it will get done.

As long as can eat and have some water...it's all good.

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