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Wednesday, September 7, 2011


We have trials.

As a people of berathing abilities, it happens to us.


I am getting nervous about our newest daughter coming soon.

I know it is going to be hard.  It took Elena 2+ months, to sit down at a meal and not SCREAM like someone was murdering her for 1/2 hour before she stopped and ate.

It happened at every meal.


Now she eats everything.

And she cried, grieving.

And was the most compliant child, to the point of being annoying, because we wanted her to feel at home and be able to have a mind and choice of her own.

We got what we asked for.  :P  lol.  <3

This is going to be interesting.  Sisters, a year apart, from different countries, with different skin color, hair, likes, comforts, tempers, one knew her birth mother, one never met her.

And the prayer of my heart is that they bond, and become not just sisters, but best friends.

It will be a hard.

But it will be good.

And most things good, require hard work...

and trials.

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Janet and Kevin said...

Is it getting closer for your daughter to come home? Our Eli had SUCH A DIFFICULT transition home, and it terrified us to think about doing this all over again for Sophia - but so far, Sophia has been much, much, much easier than Eli. You just never know!! Praying for a smooth transition home for everyone.

janet and gang