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Monday, September 19, 2011

Oh the Joys...

As you know, we homeschool.

( Notice the vacuum in the background.)

It is a blessing.

And hard.

As well as HILARIOUS.

I have always told Samuel that when he doesn't know a word in his vocabulary, to see if he can remember the latin or greek roots of the word, or if it has a prefix or suffix, maybe you can figure ot out.

Well, as I was making dinner, I heard this convesation he was having with himself.

(He may or may not have gotten talking to himself from me.)

" Melancholy.  Well a melon is a fruit, and a collie is a dog.  So...maybe it is a fruit dog?  Which has got to be better then a fruit cake."

" Wait, there is no fruit-dog option to pick.   MOM!"

" Look it up yourself, son," I said as I try decide whether to laugh or cry.

Because, really... is there such a thing as a fruit-dog??!!??!!


You just can't teach common sense.  :P

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chloƫ. said...

the funny thing is, I know he was actually having a serious conversation with himself.