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Monday, September 5, 2011


Our first almost week of school is over!! WOO-HOO!!

I am excited about this year.  We aren't doing a co-op, and that is going to have to be okay.  Well, he is in some homeschool activities, but not a full day of no-schooling-to-do-a co-op.

He is in 7th grade.  We couldn't give up the time.

But he is still playing the piano, still playing the violin.  Still involved in some academic classes.  Still climbing life.

And speaking of...

Guess what hapened at the play ground.

How thankful am I that this son of mine has never broken a bone??


Okay, fine he has had more stitches then I care to admit.  I lost count after 56.

Anyway, he has a grade 2 sprain in his knee.  The doctor said absolutely NO pressure on his knee.  At all.  Ever. 

Does she KNOW HIM??!!??!?

Well, here he is...NOT resting.

In fact, he is super excited to have machine guns at easy access at all times.

Words shouldn't escape me.  But they do.

How was your week?

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