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Friday, May 13, 2011

I Had a Dream

I had this dream that my grandbaby was born.  But it ended up being, that the dream... was a reality!!! And after much work on her part, and his, they gave birth to this amazingly beautiful baby boy named Gideon Beckett C.....

And all I can say is...Thank you Jesus for such a beautiful blessing.  I thought I got the whole grandmother thing, now I really get it...

and I love it more then I thought possible.


Janet and Kevin said...

So happy for you all! Congratulations on becoming a grandma and to your daugher and son-in-law, too! What an exciting and wonderful time!

janet and gang

Lori said...

Oh, oh, oh!!! I'm SO HAPPY for you!!! I absolutely love his name! Gasp! What a gift from the Lord he is!

I can't wait to see more pics!!

SOOOO HAPPY for you, friend!!

Becky said...

Huge Hearty Happy Congratulations to you all. Your daughter is so beautiful, and mommying agrees with her already. Can't wait for you to share his lovely face and all his little quirks. I am so glad that she is on the other side of the birth and all is well. Yipee!!

Debz said...

Great name choice!!!!!!!!!!!!
I've never heard of anyone named Gideon until we chose that as our sons name. Since then I've heard it a few times! It's such a strong but sweet name.